• DIRECTV "Inside the Lives"

DIRECTV, the unrivaled leader in TV entertainment, offers its subscribers the most HD channels, highest quality picture, great programming and entertainment and an increasing amount of technological gadgets. The differentiation in the TV service provider category is distinguished by pricing strategy paired with product innovation. This is especially the case when it comes to the international consumer markets which are not targeted with as large a budget as mainstream marketing efforts.

Objective: design a promotional campaign for the Russian market to exemplify the extensive channel offering for all age groups.

Solution: Findr Interactive, in partnership with the offline agency, made the recommendation to create an integrated campaign for the Russian market to move beyond the price point, showcasing the life of a family using DIRECTV.  We believed this campaign had to be more than a testimonial and in a universally appealing form to pique the interest of more consumers. In collaboration with the offline agency for DIRECTV, Findr recommended an online environment which allowed users to view a virtual family connecting over the TV. Flash interaction with a collection of short 2-minute comedic videos were created for the whole family to enjoy. Findr recommended using 3 character personas to educate the audience about DIRECTV service offerings. The whole promotion was created in the form of a microsite giving an internal perspective into how TV fits into a Russian family's lifestyle.


Create a microsite that is an inside peak at how TV fits into the Russian family lifestyle.  The online environment will allow you to take a sneak peak of one entertaining family, connecting over the TV that will make you laugh-out-loud. Seamlessly marry flash interaction with short, 2-minute comedic videos the whole family can enjoy.


In collaboration with offline agency for DIRECTV, Findr recommended to establish 3 character personas that can easily be replicated in the online realm utilizing a clean, flash interface that taps into each ambassador.  The intent of utilizing these three character personas is to educate the audience about the services offered by DIRECTV, and the fact how DIRECTV fits into the lives of a family.


From there we developed a sitcom-like family dynamic, writing 9 2-minute scripts to illustrate how people live life with their TV. We situated the scripts to center on questions that every family can relate to, such as: “does a DVR impress grandpa?” and “who in the family is most likely to use an iPhone App™?”



In coordination with  Persona Films, Findr casted the family personas, finalized scripts and shot the each webisode in front of a green screen to be able to seamlessly adapt the videos with the flash website.

The finished result is an interactive sitcom that hits the mark on how TV still brings the family together.