• Setanta Sports

Some individuals (I will not name any names), are obsessed, seriously OBSESSED with soccer, some with playing and some with watching. Our colleague fits into the former category; several twisted ankles have not weakened his resolve to "go on"! So when we were invited to pitch the U.S. campaign for Setanta Sports, watching him do his happy dance was only the beginning of great creations...

Below is our strategy and execution for the 2010 Setanta Sports campaign. Unfortunately we weren't able to bring this to market as Setanta Sports closed its Empire State Building doors in early 2010.


To introduce, Setanta Sports, a European soccer staple to the U.S.  While explaining to many the confusion between 'football' and 'football'.  This wasn't always easy.


We focused our campaign on the World Cup 2018 bid for which the U.S. was a contender. We positioned Setanta and their fans as the force behind the bid.  The sheer passion and love for soccer displayed by fans was the force that would generate buzz and excitement for the U.S. to host the World Cup in 2018, this being supported by Setanta the channel bringing the best soccer games to U.S. viewers.

The media of the campaign was an interactive hub with various offline activities where fans were given the opportunity to show their passion, love and dedication to the sport.